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  1. 发布时间:2020-02-12
  2. 工作地点:上海
  3. 职位类型:全职
  4. 来源:前程无忧(51JOB)
  5. 职位:Private Wealth Planner 私人财富规划师

Introduction 简介


Who we are 我们是谁

We are a needs based financial planning team, focused on customers’ overall well-being


Our purpose 我们的目标

We support our customers to fulfill their promises to themselves and their loved ones, and help them be at their best across all aspects of their lives

Our mission starts with genuinely understanding our customers and their families. We aim to uncover the customers’ aspirations for themselves and their loved ones. We provide professional, bespoke solutions, and strive to help customers keep their promises and protect what matters most.

We genuinely care about our customers’ wellness. We are stewards for their financial health, and a gateway to our wider health and wellness ecosystem supporting their physical and mental well-being. We also provide access to HSBC’s banking and international network to support their wider banking needs.




HSBC’s ambition 汇丰集团展望

Bringing our international expertise to China, we aim to lead the change to professionalize wealth management and insurance sales experience in mainland China by providing a differentiated needs-based financial planning experience to customers that aims to truly understand their aspirations and provide bespoke, professional advice and solutions in their best interests. We go beyond finance to help our clients fulfill their promises, to build relationships for the long term and be there for the customers whenever and wherever needed.

借力汇丰集团广博的国际经验,我们致力于在专业化的道路上引领财富管理和中国保险市场。我们相信以客为先,针对客户的实际需求为其量身定做差异化财富管理规划、并提供专业意见和方案,才是真正意义上的创造价值。知其所需,为其所想, 我们也立志用超越金融领域的视野,整合汇丰专长,助力支持客户实现主要人生目标。

As part of the team, you will enjoy the advantages that come with being part of one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, and unparalleled opportunities to develop your career in a high-profile growing business area.


In your role as a Private Wealth Planner you will have the support of fully dedicated field managers to focus on your personal development and HSBC ecosystem support of warm leads and holistic training program to realize the full potential of being part of HSBC. We have a result driven performance environment and are constantly evolving our thinking and ways of working to achieve our ambition.


Principal responsibilities

  • Identify and capture investment & insurance (I&I) business opportunities leveraging financial planning methodology to ensure fair outcomes for all types of customers

  • Engage end to end I&I service including customer needs identification, solution recommendations, application fulfillment, and follow up

  • Provide specialist advice on appropriate I&I solutions to meet the family protection, education, retirement and legacy planning needs

  • Delivering against demanding performance expectations across customer engagement, financial planning and new business KPIs

  • Manage individual portfolio to ensure the highest rate of customer satisfaction and persistency through post-sales and ongoing customer engagement

  • Build and maintain a positive team culture, through ensuring quality business referrals and referral skills among team members and broader organization

  • Ensure self and team activities comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements and meets HSBC standards and procedures


  • 运用财富规划理念,洞悉并捕捉投资和保险业务机会,同时确保为不同客户带来公正结果

  • 为客户提供全面的投资及保险规划服务,包括识别客户需求、方案建议、完成申请及后续追踪

  • 为客户提供投资及保险规划方案专业建议,以满足客户在家庭保障、子女教育、退休计划及财富传承上的需求

  • 全方位达成客户接洽、财富规划和新业务指标等各类业绩目标

  • 有效管理个人工作,获得***客户满意度,并通过高质量的售后服务和客户维护,保证持续率

  • 在团队和组织中,通过确保有质量的业务引荐,提升引荐能力,建立维护积极向上的团队文化。

  • 确保个人与团队活动遵守相关法律法规的要求,且符合汇丰的标准和规程


  • Tertiary or university level education, preferably in finance, business or a related discipline
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or similar certifications (AFP, EFP, CFA, etc.) will be an advantage

  • Front line sales experience is preferred, especially if gained in the Insurance or Wealth Management industry

  • Professionals without Wealth Management or Insurance industry experience, or fresh graduates are also welcome to apply

  • Good communicator—excellent listening skills and ability to explain complex information in a simple and concise manner

  • Highly self-motivated and self-disciplined with the ability to work effectively and independently

  • Possess the ability to apply entrepreneurial and commercial thinking to deliver business performance

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in Chinese.


  • 大专或本科学历,财务、商业或相关专业为佳

  • 具有国际金融理财师(CFP)或相关证书(AFPEFPCFA等)者优先考虑

  • 具有一线销售经验,尤其从事保险和财富管理行业者可优先考虑

  • 不具备财富管理和保险相关经验或应届生也可申请

  • 具有良好的沟通能力,出色的聆听技巧,能以简洁明了的方式传达复杂信息的能力

  • 具有很强的自我激励和自律意识,能高效和独立地工作

  • 具备能够让业绩达标的创业精神及商业思维

  • 具备较强的中文口头和书面沟通能力

HSBC is committed to building a culture where all employees are valued, respected and opinions count. We take pride in providing a workplace that fosters continuous professional development, flexible working and opportunities to grow within an inclusive and diverse environment. Personal data held by the company relating to employment applications will be used in accordance with our Privacy Statement, which is available on our website.





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