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  1. 发布时间:2017-11-15
  2. 工作地点:上海
  3. 职位类型:全职
  4. 来源:前程无忧(51JOB)
  5. 职位:HR coordinator 人事文员
Human Resource daily operation jobs.

Key Responsibilities:

Assists Department Heads in handling employee situations by counselling them in preparing of appropriate verbal and written communication to employee
Handles transfer or reclassification requests
处理 翻译或是重新归类的工作
Fosters positive attitude to Hotel and work environment by assisting the Human Resources Manager in planning and coordinating employee orientation, conducting training sessions and other ongoing programs
Informs employees of benefits, Hotel policies etc
Conducts training sessions as requested
Administers special employee promotions
Maintains record keeping requirements of Workers’ Compensation as directed and provides necessary follow-up
Maintains safe and secure environment for customers and employees
Keeps immediate Supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance
Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with established company policies and procedures to achieve the overall objective of this position
Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other hotel employees to foster and promote a co-operative and harmonious working environment
At all times projects a favorable image of the Hotel to the public

Key Tasks:

Employee satisfaction and retention
Customer satisfaction and loyalty goals (Complaints per Thousand, Comment Cards, annual quality review)
Achieve goals for candidate and manager satisfaction
Identify qualified candidates for open positions within a specified time frame

Develops and implements strategies and practices which support employee engagement
Recruits and selects qualified candidates招募并挑选合适的候选者
Works with Managers to identify position requirements and develop recruitment strategy
Recruits candidates that demonstrate a good fit with the Greenland culture by utilizing Gold Selection通过黄金选择招募适合绿地文化的候选者
Conducts reference checks进行背景调查
Extends offers and completes appropriate documentation for new employees
Provides employees with the orientation and training needed to understand expectations and perform job responsibilities提供员工入职培训并明确工作期望和岗位职责
Counsels Managers on effective interviewing and selection techniques



Primus Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao, together with Primus Residence Shanghai Hongqiao and The QUBE Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao, constitutes a part of the large-size complex hotel group, i.e. Greenland World Center Hotels. Adjacent to National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai, the hotel is only 2 kilometers to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, 2.5 kilometers to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and 800 meters walking distance to metro station.


Primus Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao is an ideal luxury hotel of Greenland World Center Hotels. The hotel provides 393 stylish rooms and various choices on food & beverage that blends All Day Dining, Executive Lounge, Italian and Chinese Restaurant. Well-appointed Gym, SPA and entertainment facilities give you a great balance after work. The 1,200 m2pillar-less grand ballroom and 11 function rooms are able to meet different business and banquet needs. The hotel is opened on 13th November 2017.


Primus Residence Shanghai Hongqiao is an upscale service apartment of Greenland World Center Hotels. The apartment features 158 apartments, including one bedroom apartment that up to 40m2, and three bedroom apartment that up to 170 m2. It also features private gym and function rooms to meet various requirements for the customers. The residence has already opened on June 2017.

定位为上海虹桥绿地世界中心酒店群高端商务的品牌酒店 – 上海虹桥绿地铂骊酒店专为寻求出行便捷、居住舒适的商务人士量身定制。酒店拥有287间客房、面积约278平方米的多功能厅,以及4个面积从69至150平方米不等的会议室,上海虹桥绿地铂骊酒店是举办各类商务活动的绝佳选择。酒店于2017年4月15日正式开门迎客。

As an upscale brand hotel of Greenland World Center Hotels, The QUBE Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao is designed for business travelers who looking for easy access and comfortable stay. The hotel features 287 well designed rooms that offering uncomplicated comfort and the latest technology. POYA all-day dining restaurant offering world class level dining experience, 278 m2 function room and 4 meeting rooms which range from 69 m2 to 150 m2 are perfect choice for business travelers. The hotel has been opened on April 15th 2017.

About Greenland International Hotels Group

绿地国际酒店管理集团系世界500强企业绿地集团全资子公司,是全面负责酒店业务板块经营、管理和发展的综合性产业集团。凭借雄厚的资本实力和开放包容的国际化视野,绿地控股集团先后与多家国外知名酒店管理集团缔结战略合作关系。绿地国际酒店管理集团正式成立后,全面负责集团酒店业务运营,并于2012年推出自主酒店品牌“铂瑞-Primus”、“铂骊-The QUBE”, 2016年推出“Q”品牌。


Greenland International Hotels Group (GIHG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenland Group---one of the Global Fortune 500 companies and a comprehensive industrial group. With a solid capital background, vision of internationalization that GIHG has established strategic partnerships with many international hotel management companies since founded and launched its owned brand, the Primus, the QUBE in 2012 and Q brand in 2016.

As one of China’s largest hotel property investors and operators, GIHG owns hotel assets of more than RMB20 billion, with 20,000 rooms in 79 hotels and projects in pipelines across 7 countries and 54 cities. With own-branded hotels as its core business, GIHG is transforming itself into a world-renowned hotel management company and will achieve a portfolio of more than 150 hotels worldwide by the end of 2020.

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