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  1. 发布时间:2016-12-02
  2. 工作地点:上海
  3. 职位类型:全职
  4. 来源:前程无优(51JOB)
  5. 职位:Supply+Chain+Leader+供应链主管+(面料)
福利:补充医疗保险 五险一金 弹性工作 定期体检 出国机会

Your main missions:
You organize production according to delivery, lead time and stock imperatives.
You work with your full autonomy.

Your main responsibilities:
You identify production needs.
You calculate and rationalize your component requirement.
You reduce stock costs.
You optimize production capacity.
You offset seasonal variations and unexpected requirements.
You track orders all the way to delivery.
You develop the performance and skill of your supplier.





Your profile:
You are a sports enthusiast.
You have good organization, negotiation and communication skills.
You have team spirit. You are willing to learn and able to learn well.
You are honest, responsible, and have outstanding executive ability. You are able to finish the tasks given by the leader and achieve the target.
You are good at data analyzing and processing and have good logical thinking. You are proficient in MS EXCEL and other MS OFFICE tools.
You are able to work under pressure, willing to take challenges, accept business trips, and you are mobile.
You speak good English and Chinese; French is a plus.

你具有良好的数据分析及处理能力,逻辑思考能力,并熟练掌握 MS EXCEL 及其它 MS OFFICE 工具。



公司介绍:About Decathlon

Decathlon was founded by Mr. Michel Leclercq in France in 1976, who pioneered the sales concept of integrating all the sporting goods within one store.

Decathlon opened more than 700 stores in 18 countries around the world now. In 2013, the Group achieved a turnover of 7.4billion euros as an industry leader in the world.

The Group has set foot in two major fields. It is a global designer and brand initiator, as well as a retailer of sporting goods, with integrated R&D, design, brand planning, production, logistics and sales.

The Group boasts the second largest Product Design and R&D centre in France, with 40 R&D personnel, three internal laboratories, 20 lab partners, launching 150 new projects and 3,500 new products each year. In 2010, more than 50 innovative products invented.

Since 1986, the Group has designed and produced its own brand products for all sports enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals. At present, it has 20 own passion brands classified as per different sports items, including mountain sports, water sports, cycling and roller skating, racquet sports, golf, fitness exercise, natural exercise and team sports and so on.

The Group production covers 21 countries all around the world, including Asia, Europe, the Americas etc., and China accounted for 50.3% of its global production.

As a retailer, the business concept of Decathlon is to collect as more sporting goods as possible. The shopping area has options as 4,000 square metres, 8,000 square metres, and 12,000 square meters, with an average of 35,000 products for each store. The self-service shopping here is quick and convenient. The sales team loves and is good at sports, while being able to provide customers with professional services, including repair, assembly and leasing etc.

Decathlon entered China in 1992 and initially engaged in the procurement and production of sporting goods. To date, the Company has established production subsidiaries in 13 cities or regions such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, and China Taiwan etc.

In 2003, the Group established the development of sporting goods retail in China as a primary strategy for the next decade, and relocated its Asia headquarters (including manufacturing and retail) from Hong Kong to Shanghai. The first Decathlon concept store was formally opened in Shanghai Pudong District on November 5, 2003.

As the world's No.1 sporting goods retailer, Decathlon has strong capabilities in R&D and innovation. Its unique business model in China and even the world has for the first time brought self-service consumption experience to the Chinese consumers to freely choose 35,000 sporting products of 60+ various categories under the same environment, and shocked the Chinese conventional sports market and consumer habits formed long time ago.

At present, Decathlon has 95 concept stores in China, respectively Beijing (6), Shanghai (18), Shenyang(5), Suzhou (4), Guangzhou(4), Shenzhen(4), Taiwan Region(4), Qingdao(3), Dalian(3), Hangzhou(3), Tianjin(3), Foshan(3), Chengdu (2), Wuxi(2), Nanjing(2), Xi’an(2), Ningbo(2). Other stores are located in Kunshan, Changchun, Jiaxing, Jiangyin, Dongguan, Guiyang, Xiamen, Wuhan, Changzhou, Nantong, Zhenjiang, Shijiazhuang, Nanning, Huai’an, Zhengzhou, Zhongshan, Langfang, Fushun, Bengbu, Luoyang, Zibo, Hefei, Zhuji, Suizhou, Changsha.

The stores usually cover 4,000 square meters, with 65 categories of sporting goods. All products are classified according to the sport items, both Decathlon's own brand products and other relevant international brand products. The same as all Decathlon stores all over the world, the Chinese stores strive to provide customers who love sports with the most cost-effective products, while regularly organizing sports performance and inviting all customers to learn, try and enjoy the pleasure of different sports items.

Decathlon is the best respondent and practitioner of the Chinese government’s "Nationwide fitness campaign" and has great ambitious for long-term and sustainable expansion plans in China. It will open 999 stores and enter more than 100 cities in China in long-term. Decathlon has a unique corporate culture, with many sports fans full of young and energetic passion in the Company; the humanised management allows the employee professional career grow with the company, thereby favoured by the majority of employees. What is more commendable, the Company has an international atmosphere, international team cooperation, local recruitment of the Chinese staff, and international process flow of excellent staff. At the same time, Decathlon is a good corporate citizen, working actively to explore and develop environmental protection and sustainable development, for the most extensive population to enjoy the sports fun!

By providing the most cost-effective passion brand products in the stores, we hope to achieve the purpose of Decathlon: To create desirability and make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all.

迪卡侬由Michel LECLERCQ先生于1976年在法国创立,在当时开创了把所有运动产品汇集在一个商场内的销售概念。至今,迪卡侬在全球18个国家开设了超过700家商场, 2013年集团实现营业额74亿欧元,行业排名全球领先。

集团拥有法国第二大的产品设计和研发中心,拥有40名研发人员, 3个内部实验室,20个实验室合作伙伴,每年推出150个新项目及3500种新产品,2010年新研发50多个创意产品。

集团从1986年开始发展自有品牌的设计和生产, 为所有的运动爱好者,从初学者到专业人员,目前拥有20个自有激情品牌, 每个品牌以不同的运动项目分类, 包括山地运动, 水上运动, 自行车和轮滑滑板运动, 球拍类和高尔夫运动, 健身运动, 自然运动和团队运动等。



迪卡侬于1992 年进入中国,开始进行采购和生产运动产品的业务往来。至今公司已经在上海、深圳、广州、天津、武汉、中国台湾等十三个城市或地区建立生产分公司。 2003年,集团确立:把在中国发展运动用品零售业务作为集团未来十年的首要战略,并将其亚洲区总部(包括生产和零售)从香港迁来上海。迪卡侬首家概念商场于2003年11月5日在上海浦东新区正式开业。


目前,迪卡侬在中国拥有95家概念店, 北京6家,上海18家,沈阳5家,苏州、广州、深圳、台湾地区4家,青岛、大连、杭州、天津、佛山3家,成都、无锡、南京、西安、宁波各2家,其它分别位于昆山、长春、嘉兴、江阴、东莞、贵阳、厦门、武汉、常州、南通、镇江、石家庄、南宁、淮安、郑州、中山、廊坊、抚顺、蚌埠、洛阳、淄博、合肥、诸暨、随州、长沙。




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